‘You Can’t Save Her’: Hero Surfer Sprints Into Ocean And Rescues Woman

A professional surfer is being hailed as a hero for sprinting into the ocean to save a woman who was being dragged out by huge waves in Hawaii.

Mikey Wright, 24, was captured on video saving a woman’s life who was swept away in the ocean.

In the Instagram videos (above), which was first being filmed by Mikey himself, the woman in the ocean is seen struggling as other beachgoers were trying to help rescue her. As the waves continued to crash, Mikey can be heard saying that the swimmer is “going to need to get saved.”

“You can’t save him,” someone else can be heard saying before Mikey handed off his phone and hopped the fence to run into the ocean.

“Hold my beer,” Mikey captioned the video.

Mikey was able to save the swimmer despite being pulled under the waves several times.

According to CBS Sports, Mikey was in Hawaii to compete in the Pipeline Masters.