Bill Belichick bristles at report that Cam Newton and Patriots likely will go their separate ways

Now that the 2020 season has ended for the New England Patriots, questions can be asked regarding the future of the team. After Sunday’s win over the Jets, coach Bill Belichick was asked a question about a Sunday morning report from ESPN regarding the future of quarterback Cam Newton.

Here’s the exchange.

Q: There was a report on ESPN today there’s an understanding between you and Cam Newton that you’ll be going in different directions this offseason. Is there an understanding this was Cam’s final game?

A: Is that another one of your anonymous reports?

Q: That was from Adam Schefter this morning.

A: I don’t think that’s what Adam said. You should talk to Adam about that then. Great question, thank you.

Here’s what Adam said: “Both sides expect that it will take them to a different place and a different direction in 2021 with Cam Newton likely moving on and the Patriots in search of a new quarterback for next season.”

Later in the press availability, Mike Reiss of said this: “The question about Adam, he had reached out as a colleague, and he wanted to make sure what he had said was represented accurately, that it wasn’t a report, it was part of an overall discussion.”

Newton separately was asked, without reference to the report/discussion/whatever, whether he anticipates returning.

“Listen, I have my desires,” Newton told reporters. “I know where my heart’s at. I know the things, who I am. But as far as that, I can’t really speak on it right now. But just my whole time here in New England has been a blessing. I’ve learned so much about myself, about great teammates, unbelievable coaching. Yeah, so I just see how it goes . . . from there.”

Unless Schefter’s report/discussion/whatever was inaccurate — and he said what he said — it’s going nowhere.